Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is it Friday Yet????

Wow! What a week. Is it Friday yet???? I've been in surgery every day this week. Tuesday we traveled to Birmingham for surgery, Sandy Springs today, Stockbridge tomorrow, Lawrenceville on Friday and then, back on the loop again next week. I'm getting old and I need to RETIRE!!! Also, to make things worse this week, I decided to move my office from the bonus room to downstairs and Danny's office from downstairs to the upstairs bonus room. What a trip! You should have seen me pushing and pulling all that furniture up and down the steps! It was quite comical. It's a wonder I can even move!!!!! The good part is the heavy stuff is done. The bad part is that as I'm moving things, I find more things to move. Oh well, in a hundred years it won't make a difference anyway. I'm off to bed so I can get up at O'dark thirty and do it all again! Heeeeee Haaaaaaaw!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kim's Baby Shower

We gave my friend Kim (from work) a baby shower on Friday after a loooooong surgery day! I can't believe she only has about a month left until her little one comes. Is she going to find out what she's having??? Of COURSE NOT!!!! I can't wait to see what "Baby Grant" is! The picture below is of Kim and Lori (my boss' wife). They are both due at about the same time. We'll be loaded up with new babies! DON'T drink the water at Woolfson Eye Institute!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim and Greg

Today was a crazy, fun day for our family! We celebrated both of my brother's birthdays. We had an "old fashioned" birthday party with cake, ice cream, balloons, games, prizes and presents. We pulled out the old birthday party games of "pin the tail on the donkey" and "drop the clothes pins in the jar". (You probably would have to be old to remember these games!) Danny won the drop the clothes pin game by getting 11 of 12 pins in the jar. (Go Dan!) Lauren actually got the "donkey tail" the closest and won the prize for that game. We even had trick candles on the cake and made Tim and Greg wear party hats and the whole works! Sometimes it's just a lot of fun to go back in time and celebrate the way you did when you were kids! God has really blessed me with a wonderful family!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Work, Work, Work

Not much new going on here. This was a "FULL" work week. (It's really hard after having several short weeks!) For those who don't know what I do, I work in Lasik Eye surgery. It's an interesting job and I've been with Dr. Woolfson for 7 1/2 years. I'm what's known as a traveling tech. We have 12-13 offices all over the southeast and I travel to all of them for surgey. We do what's called a loop every other week. We either go up I-85 and do Greenville, SC, Asheville, NC, Bristol, TN, Knoxville, TN and Chattanooga, TN. , or, we go up I-75 and do it the opposite way. We leave on Monday morning and are usually home on Wednesday night. We also throw in Birmingham, AL once a month. About every 2 months we do Columbia, SC and Hiawassee, GA. Then we have offices in Cumming, Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville, and Stockbridge. I write everything on my calender so I'll be in the right place at the right time. It gets a little hairy sometimes. Last Friday we had a huge surgery day in Sandy Springs and our laser went down which extended the day 3 hours (a 14 hour day). Today, we were in Sandy Springs again and our other laser went down. We couldn't get the parts for surgery today soooooo, we'll be working on Saturday morning this week. JOY!!!! If you ever need Lasik eye surgery (not for reading glasses - SORRY) give me a call. I probably can't get you a discount, but, I know the best surgeon around!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Today was a good day, spent with family. We went to my mom and dad's for lunch (beef stroganoff, yummm). My brother and sister in law from Conyers came down and we really enjoyed their company. Jonathan, Chad, Greg, & Danny put up a new mailbox for my parents. We then cut down a dead tree. (Wow, weren't we productive!) After a visit to Lauren and Chad's to see Hershey (the dog) we went over to Jonathan and Anne Marie's for pizza. I'm finally home and really need to be in bed since I have to be up at 4am to go to work in the morning (boo hiss).
Have a very blessed 2009! God is good ALL the time!!