Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Little Trip to the Mall

Jonathan, Emersyn and I went shopping at the mall today. We were looking for Jon's Christmas presents. I've gotten to where I can't buy for the kids myself. I need their help, so, off we went. Emersyn was so fascinated with the train. She got so excited and kept saying "Choo choo". So, being the crazy "Nana" that I am, I conned Jon into riding with her. She LOVED it!!! Here they come. It was so hard to get good pictures. It's really hard to shoot through the plastic windows but, I did the best I could.

Hi Emersyn and daddy!!!

She sat so still next to her daddy!

When it was time to go she kept looking back and saying "Choo choo". I really think she liked it. Not so sure about Jon. Oh well, what a good daddy he is!!