Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little More Emersyn!

Our precious Emersyn is 17 days old and such an angel. She has her fussy moments but we wouldn't trade her for the world. She has really rocked Jonathan and Anne Marie's world. No one can tell you what a difference having a baby in the house is. Nothing is untouched or remains the same, especially the ability to sleep! But as it has been said, this too will pass! And it will, in a huge HURRY! We love our little bundle of joy and she is such a tremendous blessing from GOD! I really don't think she's much into these headbands and bows. What a face!!
She loves riding in the car seat!

Such a sweet picture!

Precious, beautiful doll!

She even smiled for her great-grandmother, Mama! (Or maybe it was gas???)