Monday, March 30, 2009

Dead In the Water

My blog has been kind of dead in the water for several reasons lately. First, I don't have lots of time and second, I don't have much to say. Danny is out of town almost all the time. He's in Johannesburg, South Africa right now on a project with work. He'll be coming home on Easter Sunday morning. After that we really don't know where he'll be or what he'll be doing. Pray that his company still needs him when this job is finished. I've been traveling more than normal since my company has lost quite a few people. The ones of us that are left kind of have to pick up the slack. It doesn't look like we'll be hiring any time soon. On a brighter note, everyone is hanging in there and I'm counting the days until I can have a vacation. Don't know when, or where but I DO know I WILL have a vacation, even if I stay home!!!! I'll update again when I actually have something to say!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabelle

My mom's aunt Isabelle turned 99 on Sunday, March 8. What an amazing thing that is. She was born on March 8, 1910 in Jonesville, Georgia (near Bowdon, Ga.). Her parents were Robert and Eula Adams and she had 6 brothers and sisters. Lewis, Zelma, Lucille, Alma, Ruby and Boyd. She married Joe Lovvorn and had 2 children, one boy Bobby and one girl Shirbie. She worked at Lawler Hosiery Mill as a looper. (something to do with the toes of socks). Her birthday party was held on Saturday and about 100 people attended. (99% were family although all the family was not there.) It was so much fun to see family members that I haven't seen in 15-20 years.
What a blessing Isabelle is to our family! Can't wait til next year when we can celebrate her 100th!!
This is a picture of my mom, her sister Jeanette and Isabelle at the party.
Getting ready to cut the cake!

Happy birthday to Isabelle!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Time to Brag!!

Here I am, a mom, about to brag on one of her kids!!! I just can't help it! We went to D-now last night at FBC Douglasville to hear "Edenfield" and "Shane and Shane"! They were both wonderful but I have a hard time watching anyone else when Jonathan is drumming. He is really awesome, even if I am prejudiced! Here's hoping that one day a really big group will pick him up so he can use his talent to the fullest! The boy can drum, sing and do just about anything with sound. God has truly blessed him! I'm very proud of him and that he uses his talent for the Lord! I'm also very proud of his sister Lauren but I'll save that for another post!