Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Precious Angel!!!

We just LOVE our precious Emersyn Kate! She's getting so big and is able to do so many new things! She LOVES to be upright in her walker! She so reminds me of Jonathan. He never liked being a baby. He always wanted to be straight up and down so he could see everything. Emersyn has developed quite the little personality! She smiles a lot and wants to touch everything. Her grasp has gotten so much better and (of course) everything she holds goes straight to her mouth.

She is doing a great job of sitting up by herself. She can sit for quite a while before she gets tired and falls over. She LOVES books. They are about her favorite toy!
Emersyn is quite the mommy's girl! She's always looking around to see where Anne Marie is.
She is such a precious addition to our family! I can't remember what it was like when we didn't have her. She is definitely our "precious angel"!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Happy New Year! We spent New Year's Day at my mom and dad's, visiting, eating and playing cards. Mom made Beef Stroganoff (quickly becoming a tradition). It was wonderful. We all ate til we were beyond full! Then it was picture time (groan from everyone!) Here's a picture of all the family (except me! Someone had to make the picture!) Okay, okay, I give up. Make my picture!!

Jonathan, Anne Marie and Emersyn. Such a sweet family!
Chad and Lauren
Relaxing, resting, rubbing the eyes and. . .
Reading! Emersyn LOVES books and really enjoys being read to!

Mom and Chad. Love the pose!

Playing "Phase 10", one of mom's favorite games. I think we girls played for 2-3 hours. Lauren won, Anne Marie came in second, mom third and (of course) I lost. What else is new! The guys went to the movie (another tradition for the guys).

Love those relaxing, family days!