Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Life is crazy, complicated, sad, happy, full of stress, full of joy.  Just when everything is going great, everything goes wrong.  I've really been feeling confused and lonely lately.  I think back to when I was
younger and everything seemed to just roll along, all happy and easy.  Then, all of a sudden, as you get
to the age when things should be less complicated and slow down, BAM!  Everything falls apart and instead
of being easy, everything gets difficult!  I guess that's why it's called LIFE.  Just sayin, as you get older, don't expect things to get easier because they don't.  God is still here and in control.  That much I know without a doubt!  He has the big picture, I don't.  Just kind of wondering where all this is coming from.  Hmmmm!
Not a very well put together post.  Kind of random, kind of like my life right now!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Newest Little Angel

Well, she's finally here!!!  Kinsley Faith Everette.  8 lbs. 1 oz.  19 3/4 inches  Born Wednesday, May 9, 2012.  She's absolutely beautiful!!!  We all think she looks mostly like Chad but has some of Lauren's features like her mouth and cheeks!  She definitely has Chad's hair.  Kind of spikey!!  She's so sweet and such an easy baby so far. (of course, she's only 2 days old).  It's so awesome being a grandparent!!!  Can't believe how much we love our little angels!!!

All dressed up in her going home outfit!!  Love the bow and shoes!!!
 Congratulations Chad and Lauren!!  You're going to be AWESOME parents!!  So proud for you!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Guess some of you were wondering what happened to me. Wellllll??? Been super busy with work, my mom and dad, loving on my grandbaby and waiting for our newest. Work is driving me nuts!!! Lots of hours, lots of travel and lots and lots of WORK!!!! My mom and dad are doing well and we still have my dad at home. Hopefully he'll be able to stay there until he moves into his mansion in Heaven!!! We are sooooo enjoying Emersyn!!!! She is such a busy little monkey and talking up a storm. She can say anything and is really beginning to put sentences together. It's so much fun just to watch and listen!!! We're soooo excited about adding Kinsley to our family! We've already seen her picture (3D ultrasound) and she is just precious! We're ready to hold and love on her! Here are a few of my latest pictures of Emersyn! Just LOVE her!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

What a blessed family we are!! We LOVE being together and enjoy many meals and fun times together. We gathered at my mom and dad's for New Year's Day festivities. We ate, collards, black eyed peas, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and many other good old country cookin' things! Then we went out on the porch for a little family photo shoot. Thank goodness it was 68 degrees and noone froze! Jon even let us make his picture even though he'd just had surgery on his mouth. Look, we got a shot of Emersyn's face with a smile on it!!! Wow!! We usually just get the side of her face or the back of her head!

Chad and Lauren are so excited to add another granddaughter to our family! Can't wait til May to meet little Kinsley Faith Everette!

Look at this precious little angel! Don't you just want to squeeze her?? She has brought so much joy into our lives! We love our Emersyn!!

And, Emersyn loves Papa! She is always waving at him or saying "Papa" or standing on his feet. She even takes him some of her toys (but she always wants them back). What a blessed family we are to have each other!! Happy New Year! May it be the best one yet!!