Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Little Trip to the Mall

Jonathan, Emersyn and I went shopping at the mall today. We were looking for Jon's Christmas presents. I've gotten to where I can't buy for the kids myself. I need their help, so, off we went. Emersyn was so fascinated with the train. She got so excited and kept saying "Choo choo". So, being the crazy "Nana" that I am, I conned Jon into riding with her. She LOVED it!!! Here they come. It was so hard to get good pictures. It's really hard to shoot through the plastic windows but, I did the best I could.

Hi Emersyn and daddy!!!

She sat so still next to her daddy!

When it was time to go she kept looking back and saying "Choo choo". I really think she liked it. Not so sure about Jon. Oh well, what a good daddy he is!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Busy Baby!

We LOVE having Emersyn come to visit!!! She's such a busy little thing! She's growing and talking and LOVES pushing buttons! Don't think your phone or the TV remote are safe. She even erased my very best picture (the only one of her that I got with her whole face in it) on my camera. She's sooo, sooo much fun and I love her curiosity and love for learning new things. She's a climber and I don't think she's ever still unless something on the TV catches her attention (like the skaters who were jumping and twirling). She loved that and even laughed out loud when they jumped in the air. She even tried the spinning herself. All in all, she's our special, precious angel and we love, love, LOVE having her around!!!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy, Busy September

September is a busy, busy month for us! We have several birthdays in our family. My sister-in-law, Kim's birthday is the 17th. Then comes Danny's on the 22nd and finally my great neice, Katelynd's on the 26th. We had a little birthday party for Danny at my mom and dad's house, since my dad can no longer get out. I won't tell you how old Danny turned but, I can say he sure doesn 't look his age!!! How DOES he do it???? My mom and I made him a red velvet cake, his favorite.

Watch out for all that FIRE!! Danny is such a special person. He's so kind and caring and I couldn't ask for a better husband! Love you bunches!!!!

Of course Emersyn had to get in on the birthday act for her Grampa!! She loves him and when you say, "Where's Grampa?" she looks all around and if she doesn't see him, she holds out her hands like: "Where is he????"

Emersyn has so much fun at Mama and Papa's house. There are always new things to see and do. She'll disappear for a few minutes and then re-appear with something new to show us. Don't you love her hat?? It belongs to my dad and he got it on a Senior Adult trip.

What a busy, busy month!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Precious Angel!!

Can't believe it! Our precious Emersyn turned one last week! Where has time gone?? She is such a little angel to us and the light of our lives! She is in constant motion and has learned so many words and expressions! It almost seems she understands everything you say to her. She had a wonderful party at home with her friends and family. This was her first time having cake and she really seemed to "take to it". She mostly ate the icing

She loved every present! She wasn't much into opening them, but loved playing with them when they were open. Can't wait to see what she does come Christmas!

We are so blessed to have been given this precious angel! She is such a gift from God!!

We love you Emersyn Kate with all our hearts!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!

Happy Birthday to our amazing, wonderful son Jonathan! Can't believe you're 30!! Holy cow, that really makes me old!! You are such a talented, special, Christian young man and we are so proud of who you are!!

You are such a good son, husband and father!

We are so blessed to call you ours!!! Happy, happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Lolly!

Darn, got the pictures backwards again! Never can remember how to upload them so they are in the right order! Oh well!! We celebrated Lauren's birthday on Sunday and had a wonderful family time! We love getting together as a family! Even Miss Emersyn had a fun time, although she didn't get to enjoy the cake or homemade ice cream!

We've almost outgrown our dining room table as a family. Hmmmm! Guess we'll be looking for something bigger before too long.

We are so proud of our children! They have turned into such wonderful, loving, Christian adults!

Lauren has had such a big year this year! She finished college, got a job teaching kindergarten and a brand new car. She is so special to us! We are so proud of her accomplishments, her loving heart and her caring ways!

Happy Birthday Lolly!!! We love you so very, very much!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Isn't She Lovely?

Just couldn't help thinking of that song!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Summer Sunday

Don't you just LOVE Sundays? We do! We usually get together as a family and either grill or eat out or just hang together! Now that we have Emersyn, it's added a whole new angel to Sundays. There's so much to see, show her and experience. We got so tickled at her last Sunday as she explored "outside". She had a ball picking up leaves and rocks and just running around! She probably picked up 10 rocks. She'd look at us like, can I eat this? We'd make a "yucky" face and say don't eat it, so she'd just look at it.

She did try a few leaves but never really ate any of them.

The funniest part was watching her "experience" the grass. Every time she put her bare foot down, she'd pick it up really fast. When she lost her balance and sat on the grass, she tried to hold her legs up. It was hilarious!!! She finally got better at the grass after we put her shoes on. It just serves to remind us how much of life babies have to experience.

Emersyn LOVE the outside. Even when it's 101 degrees or so!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Special Angel!

We just love our precious Emersyn. She's growing up so fast and has developed such a cute little personality. She is so special to everyone in our family. My mom and dad just can't get enough of her. They think she's the cutest thing in the whole world and, of course, they're right!!!! She just loves to play and will crawl, pull up and play until she drops!

We also think she's so smart. She will work at something until she figures it out.

We just love our Emersyn and are so thankful that Jonathan and Anne Marie are so willing to share her. She is our precious angel!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduated and Grateful!

Our beautiful, wonderful daughter graduated this week from Kennesaw State University, Summa Cum Laude, with a batchelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. Wow! What an accomplishment!! Today we had a fun graduation party with lots of food, family and friends!! Oh, and lots of gifts too!

Lauren in front of the Education Building at Kennesaw!

Lauren and Chad. So proud!!

Way to go Lauren!! We love you!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Beautiful Mother's Day!

We had the most beautiful Mother's Day today. It was filled with family and that's what makes it so special! We started with a cook out and ended with tons of photos (much to everyone's chagrin). Our Emersyn was so precious! She's getting so big and is learning so many new things every day. She has 3 teeth and stands alone. (Hasn't figured out the walking part yet though).
She's a little copy cat and does some of the cutest things! She is very much loved!!

Here's a photo of four generations of ladies!

And here are the guys.

The original four.

I love my family!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Showers bring. . . .

BIRTHDAYS!!!! The Underwood/Gillespie/Everette household is full of birthdays in April. First is my dad's birthday on April 11. He turned 89 this year! Second is my mom's birthday on April 17. She turned 86 years young!! Doesn't she look great!!

Last, but never least, our wonderful son-in-law Chad turned 29 on April 18. He's such a sweetheart!!

We just love April Showers of Birthdays!!