Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dinner and a Show in Douglasville

So, last Thursday night, Lauren, Danny and I decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays in Douglasville for dinner. (We wanted the salad bar.) We get there, have a nice dinner, including dessert, and just as we're finishing up, the waitress comes to our table and quietly asks that we please exit the restaurant as there is smoke coming into the restaurant. The entire restaurant ended up outside on the sidewalk, including the staff. In the picture below you can see the cooks, who all moved their cars away from the restaurant and then stood farther away than anyone else. We never saw any flames but the guy on the roof said that they thought it might have been a light balist that caught fire.
We all stood around on the sidewalk until the waitress came out and said we could come back in.

The answer is "NO", they didn't comp our meal. We had to pay before we left.

Oh the joys of dinner and a show in Douglasville.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mary Poppins

Saturday we took my mom to the Fox Theatre to see Mary Poppins for her birthday. The show was absolutely fabulous! All the actors were great and the music was unforgettable. We started the day with a trip to get my mom's hair cut and then met Lauren and Anne Marie at the mall for a bite of lunch. Then we were off to the show. We were so afraid we were going to be late because they had 4 of 5 lanes closed off on I-75 North. Traffic was horrific and, of course, I didn't realize the problem until I was already on the ramp for 75 North. We got off at the first exit possible and cut through downtown and actually made it in plenty of time. We had to climb about a million steps to get to our seats but we could see pretty well. Would have loved to be a little closer but, we could see everything and the sound was excellent.
Lauren and Anne Marie loved the show and I hope it was a wonderful 85th birthday for my mom!

I haven't been to the Fox in years and years. It's still just like I remembered it. We got to hear the pipe organ before the show began. Amazing.